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Baby Essentials for the First Month

When you have a newborn you may want to go out and buy every little thing you see for your
baby. While it can be tempting to spend your entire paycheck on baby items, realistically you
don’t need half the stuff you’re thinking about buying for your newborn.

During your baby’s first month of life, they’re spending their time doing three things…eating,
sleeping, and pooping. You don’t need much gear to get those things done!

With that said, you don’t need to get everything in the baby store to succeed at parenting during
your baby’s first month. We’ve compiled a list of baby essentials for the first month. If you can
throw these items into your cart, whether it’s in the store or online, you should have what you
need to take care of your baby.

Feeding Items

As a new parent, you want to make sure your baby has everything he needs to eat well. Here
are the items to put on your checklist in this department.


You don’t want to wash a bottle out every time your baby finishes. Having 4-5 on hand should
be enough to get through the day’s feedings.

Bottle Brush

A bottle brush is extremely useful when you need to get to the bottom. The brush allows you to
clean the bottle from all angles.

Bibs & Burp Cloths

We all know babies are not the neatest eaters. You’ll want to have plenty of bibs on hand so
that you have enough for when your baby spits up. Be sure to be stocked with burp clothes too
because you don’t want your baby’s entire meal to end up all over your shoulder and back.


If you’re formula feeding or combination feeding, stock up on formula. At Organic Baby, we have the best quality organic baby formula from Holle, HiPP, and Jovie. All of
these products are made with organic ingredients that are good for your baby.

Nursing Pillow

Whether you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, a nursing pillow can make feeding your baby more
comfortable for the two of you. It allows your baby to be in a comfortable position while they’re

Breast Pump & Milk Storage Bags

You’ll want to have your breast pump ready to go and plenty of milk storage bags on hand to
keep your milk fresh for your baby. These bags can be frozen or refrigerated depending on your
supply and how much your baby eats.

Clothing Items

Your baby isn’t going to be walking the runway, so they don’t need designer baby shoes and
clothes. They need comfy clothes for them to sleep and snuggle.


You’ve probably heard parents say you can never have enough onesies…well, they’re right.
You never can! Stock up on these guys because they’re your go-to. Whether you’re using it as
an undershirt during the winter or as their main source of clothing in the summer, your baby is
going to live in their onesie. You want to have plenty on hand for when they spit up all over it or
have a diaper blowout…or both!


Having a few pairs of baby pajamas is a good idea to keep them warm at night. You don’t want
to have too many because they’re going to grow out of them quickly.

Hand mittens

Baby nails can get sharp and can do some damage. Some parents like to put little mittens on
their baby’s hands to prevent them from scratching themselves.

Gentle Detergent

Buy gentle detergent to wash all clothing items that are touching your baby’s skin. This includes
sheets and towels. Detergent you use for your clothes may be too harsh and cause irritation.


In the diapering department, you’ll need, you guessed it…plenty of diapers! Babies go through
diapers so quickly it will make your head spin. You always want to have them in the house!

You’ll also want to grab:


Along with all of those diapers come plenty of wipes.

Diaper Cream

If your baby develops a diaper rash, you want to have some cream available to soothe them.


Bathing your little one is easy when you have the right gear on hand. This includes:

Baby Tub

While some people may use a sink, a baby bathtub is a better choice for keeping your baby
clean. These are made specially to fit your little one and keep them comfy.

Baby Wash Cloths

Tiny bodies need tiny wash clothes. Have a few ready to go that have been washed in a
delicate detergent for your baby’s skin.

Baby Wash or Soap

Gentle, fragrance-free body wash or soap is the way to go for your baby. You want something
that won’t irritate their skin and get them clean at the same time.


There isn’t much you need in the bedding department as there should be no pillow, loose
blankets, or toys in your baby’s sleeping area.

Crib or Bassinet

Some parents choose a bassinet for their newborn’s first few months. Think of it as a portable
mini crib. You can have it in your bedroom and also wheel it around the house for nap time.
Others go straight for the crib.

Fitted Sheet

All you need is a fitted sheet for whatever mattress you’re using.

On the Move

When you’re on the move with your baby, be sure to have these items to make things safer and

Infant Car Seat

Most hospitals won’t allow you to take your baby home unless there is an infant car seat
installed. Have this ready to go and be sure it is properly installed. Police departments often
offer to check to make sure car seats are put in the right way.


Many car seats come as part of a travel system with a stroller that lets you hook the car seat
right on and go. Look for one of these if you plan on taking walks in the park.

Diaper Bag

You need a place to put diapers, wipes, and changes of clothes for your baby when you’re on
the move. Choose a diaper bag with enough space to fit everything you’ll need.

This list should get you going in the right direction when it comes to baby essentials for the first
month. Although it may seem like a lot at first glance, when you break it down, the list includes
all practical items that you’ll use almost daily.

As your baby gets bigger and becomes more interactive, you’ll want to update your list to
include toys and other items. For now, enjoy the stage when they aren’t running around the
house and can’t talk back to you yet!