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Premibio Organic Baby Formula

Premibio is a French-based company that is committed to providing baby products that are made with healthy and reputable ingredients. All ingredients are sourced from organic farmers and meet the nutritional needs of growing infants. 

The company is EU organic certified and holds an additional seal from AB France. The AB label is used to identify food products that are made in ways that are animal and environmentally friendly. This means you won’t find any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMOs.

Premibio started in the baby product market in 2006 with the goal of creating a palm oil-free baby formula. To replace palm oil, Premibio uses a sustainable vegetable oil mixture that includes fatty acid-rich coconut oil. Instead of using fish oil, formulas include plant-based DHA that comes from algae. The company created one of the first organic goat milk formulas and also makes an organic plant-based formula.

These are three main formulas Premibio manufactures:

Premilait Cow Formula

Premichevre Goat Formula

Premiriz Vegan / Plant-Based Formula