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Baby Formula Insights – Guides & Tips

What You Need to Know About Palm Oil in Baby Formula

If you’re a big ingredient reader as a new parent, you’re not alone. Parents want to be in theknow when it comes to anything that their babies are ingesting. It’s a great habit to havebecause you should always be aware of what your baby is consuming and how it can affecttheir tiny bodies. When it […]

What You Need to Know About Sugar in Baby Formula

If you’ve been doing your homework about baby formula, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz about baby formula and sugar. Sugar always gets a bad rap because too much of it can lead to obesity and dental problems, among other things. But, sugar can sometimes be a good thing, even in baby formula…you just […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Holle Baby Formula

If you’re considering organic baby formula over regular baby formula you’re giving your baby one of the most natural formulas that exist. But, if you’re still trying to decide what type of organic baby formula to give and want some more information, we’re here to help. We know it can be confusing to figure out […]

Baby Essentials for the First Month

When you have a newborn you may want to go out and buy every little thing you see for your baby. While it can be tempting to spend your entire paycheck on baby items, realistically you don’t need half the stuff you’re thinking about buying for your newborn. During your baby’s first month of life, […]

The Absolute Worst Kid Shows According To The Parents

Whether it’s on Youtube, Netflix, or PBS, most parents of small children have a gamut of shows and programs they turn to when they need a little “virtual babysitting.” And while most parents try to limit screen time for their kids, it’s inevitable that the simple jingles, high-pitched voices, and bright colors of children’s entertainment […]

Say No to Corn Syrup & Sugar in Baby Formula

Would you give your baby a bowl of sugar for breakfast? We all know the logical answer is no. So, why would you hand him a bottle of formula that’s loaded with sugar? Now that we’ve got you thinking, you should know that many baby formulas out there contain sugar that isn’t best for your […]

Cow vs Goat Formula - Which One to Choose?

Who knew there were so many different choices when it comes to baby formula? Powder, organic, soy, cow, goat…and that’s just scratching the surface. Mama, we know you want to give your baby the best formula possible. But, with so many choices, it’s easy for your head to spin! That’s why we’re here to sort […]

Tips & Tricks that Help with Baby Hiccups

Hiccups are just one of the many strange yet adorable sounds you’ll hear from your new baby. It is easy to get nervous when your baby seems uncomfortable from hiccups but rest assured, hiccups are not only perfectly common in babies, but they even help with healthy brain development. Albeit harmless, hiccups can make your […]

HiPP Dutch vs HiPP German - A Parent's Guide

If you’re new to buying baby formula, you may be surprised at just how many different varieties there are out there, especially when it comes to organic baby formulas. They’re not all created equal! If the HiPP formulas have caught your eye, you may have noticed they come in Dutch and German varieties. While you […]

Infant Probiotics Benefits in HiPP Formula

Probiotics have become a buzzword in the health industry lately because of their suggested health benefits like easier digestion and better gut health. But, what about probiotics for infants? Can they have the same benefits? Can babies take probiotics? Many parents often ask these questions because they worry about what’s going into their babies’ bodies […]