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Organic Vegan Baby Formula

While the majority of baby formulas on the market are dairy or soy-based, finding a vegan baby formula that does not contain either ingredient often proves to be difficult. However, Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz brands each have a full line of vegan baby formula that meet those requirements. 

Instead of using cow’s milk, goat’s milk, or soy, these vegan baby formulas use other sources of protein — including rice, millet, and buckwheat gluten-free cereals. Furthermore, while many other European formulas include fish oil as a primary source of DHA and EPA — important omega-3 fats for brain and eye development — these two vegan lines use algae instead. 

They also use a blend of vegetable oils that do not contain palm oil, as some families avoid this ingredient due to sustainability and health concerns. Additionally, these brands use different prebiotics and probiotics that are similar to those found in human breast milk.

Bebe Mandorle formulas are European Union certified-organic which means that their products are ethically-sourced and free of GMOs, artificial colors, and preservatives. Many of the ingredients in the Premiriz formula line are also derived from organic farms, which are indicated on the label. 

Pros and Cons of Vegan Baby Formulas


  • Soy-free vegan options for families who need it
  • DHA and EPA are sourced from algae instead of fish oil 
  • Premiriz contains fructo-oligosaccharides prebiotic fibers, and Bebe Mandorle contains Bifidobacterium Lactis probiotic to help support digestive and immune health 


  • Bebe Mandorle Stage 3 does not contain added vitamin B12, which is an essential nutrient for children who follow a vegan diet
  • Bebe Mandorle formulas contain almonds, which would not be suitable for babies with a tree nut allergy
  • Contain less iron than US-based formulas and use vitamin D2 which is less effective at raising blood levels of vitamin D than vitamin D3

BebeM and Premiriz Vegan Formula

Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz are two European vegan baby formula brands. Each of these comes in Stage 1, 2, and 3 options to cover infant nutrition needs from birth to 12 months old. 

The Stage 1 formulas for both brands are designed for babies 0-6 months old. The Stage 2 formulas are for ages 6-12 months for Bebe Mandorle and for ages 6-10 months for Premiriz. 

The Stage 3 formulas are for babies over 12 months for Bebe Mandorle and over 10 months for Premiriz. For young babies, they can be used to provide all of their nutrition needs. older babies, they can be used as complementary formulas to solid foods and breast milk. 

Both of these vegan baby formulas are made in France and certified to high European baby formula standards for nutrition. Additionally, both formulas contain certain ingredients derived from organic farms.

The parent brand of Bebe Mandorle is La Mandorle, which has been around for over 25 years creating dairy-free milk alternatives. Bebe Mandorle came about after collaborative research efforts with the support of the Ministry of Research, to develop an innovative line of infant formulas that are free from milk, soy, gluten, and palm oil. They are among the first companies to create a 100% organic partial hydrolysate rice protein formula, which is now considered the new advanced alternative to cow milk.

Vegan Baby Formula Product Lines

Below are the products carried under the Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz brands and what you can expect from each of them. 

Bebe Mandorle (BebeM)

This brand of vegan baby formula is organic, dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and also 100% plant-based. It is also free from eggs, wheat, fluoride, preservatives, steroids, hormones, or antibiotics because it is made with European certified organic farming techniques. 

Bebe Mandorle formulas begin with organic corn maltodextrins and a gluten-free blend of cooked rice, millets, and buckwheat cereals, followed by a blend of coconut extract, sweet almond, rapeseed, and sunflower vegetable oils, hydrolyzed rice protein, and marine algae Lithothamne for DHA and EPA. 

The organic rice protein hydrolysate it contains is made using a cold process without palm oil. This line of formulas is nutritionally complete and was designed to provide the protein, calcium, and other important nutrients a baby needs for the first year of life. 

Bebe Mandorle comes in the following: 

  • Stage 1 for babies 0-6 months old
  • Stage 2 for babies 6-10 months old
  • Stage 3 for babies 10+ months old


This vegan baby formula is free from dairy, soy, and gluten, as well as palm oil, added sugar, corn syrup, chemicals, artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, or GMOs. It is made to be compliant with all of the highest European standards and contains a number of certified organic ingredients. 

Premiriz formulas start with organic corn maltodextrins, a blend of sunflower, coconut, and rapeseed oils, hydrolyzed rice proteins, fructo-oligosaccharides as prebiotic fibers, and oil extracted from the microalga Schizochytrium to provide DHA and EPA. 

This line contains certified organic rice protein hydrolysate that is made using a cold process that does not use palm oil. Parents and caregivers can feel confident that their baby is receiving all of their nutritional needs with Premiriz formulas, including protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. 

Premiriz comes in the following: 

  • Stage 1 for babies 0-6 months old
  • Stage 2 for babies 6-12 months old
  • Stage 3 for babies 12+ months old

European vs. US Vegan Baby Formula

When it comes to vegan baby formula, there aren’t nearly as many options for parents and caregivers to choose from as there are conventional dairy-based formulas. With that being said, never attempt to make your own vegan baby formula at home as this is not a safe or nutritionally adequate option.

The predominant vegan baby formula option in the US is a soy-based formula. However, it’s important to read the ingredient label even on soy formulas to make sure they don’t contain milk or lactose as well. If a vegan child is also soy-free, there are little to no formula options made in the US that can meet the need.

Europe has made more progress in terms of vegan baby formulas. The products made by Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz are soy-free, rice-based vegan formulas that have been designed to provide vegan babies with everything they need through the first year of life. Europe also has widely available dairy-free formulas, but they’re not necessarily vegan due to ingredients like vitamin D3 being derived from lanolin, an oil produced in sheep’s wool. 

Either way, when choosing a vegan baby formula it’s best to evaluate the ingredient list to make sure it contains no dairy-derived ingredients and has added DHA, ARA, and other important vitamins and minerals for vegan babies like iron, vitamin D, and vitamin B12. 

Bottom Line

Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz vegan baby formulas are made with ingredients that align with strict European regulatory requirements. Both lines offer a soy-free vegan option for families who need it, and both come in three different stages to provide nutrition for babies from birth through the first year of life. If you’re looking for a vegan infant formula with simple ingredients that are also soy- and gluten-free, both Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz have product lines that are worth considering. 

When choosing a formula for your baby, it is best to speak to your pediatrician about which formula will meet your baby’s unique nutritional needs.


Vegan baby formulas contain protein and fat just like conventional baby formulas do. However, they are sourced from plant-based ingredients instead of animal-derived ingredients and byproducts. For example, many vegan baby formulas contain soy. Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz do not contain soy, but instead use corn maltodextrin, hydrolyzed rice proteins, and gluten-free cereals. Vegan baby formulas use a blend of vegetable oils for fat as well as algae for DHA and EPA. 

These vegan baby formulas have been designed to provide all of the nutrition babies need, just like formulas that are based on cow or goat milk protein and other animal-derived ingredients. The only difference is that the nutrients are obtained from plant-based sources instead. 

For example, instead of fish oil, vegan baby formulas use algae as a predominant source of omega-3 fatty acids for brain and eye health. Instead of milk, whey, and lactose for protein and carbohydrates, soy-free vegan baby formulas like these use grains, nuts, and seeds. To make sure a vegan baby formula is nutritionally adequate for your baby, be sure to read the nutrition label and choose the correct Stage for your baby’s age.

These two formulas are made in France and therefore not subject to FDA approval like US-based formulas are. However, they are held to even higher regulatory standards by the European Union. Because of the global formula shortage, the FDA is working with European brands like these to gain full approval for US consumers. 

Vegan baby formula does not contain any animal-derived products or byproducts. While most baby formulas contain cow or goat milk, or proteins derived from these sources, the vegan baby formula uses alternatives like grains and nuts instead. Additionally, vegan baby formula does not contain fish oil and instead derives its omega-3 fatty acids from algae.

Many vegan baby formulas contain soy as a primary source of protein, vitamins, and minerals for babies. However, Bebe Mandorle and Premiriz do not contain soy.