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HiPP Dutch Stage 2 Combiotik Baby Formula

800g 6+ months
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  • Organic skim milk and no starch
  • Contains prebiotics, probiotics, Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Organic lactic acid bacteria cultures (similar to breast milk)
  • No synthetic preservatives or nutrients
AgeWater (ml)ScoopsReady-made Formula (ml)Meals per Day
6+ months15051702-3
Nutritional Values (Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared)
Nutritional Values Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared
Energy 68 kcal
Total Fat 3.7 g
Saturates 1.6 g
Monounsaturates 1.6 g
Polyunsaturates 0.5 g
Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 0.42 g
Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) 0.06 g
DHA 13.6 mg
Total Carbs 7.2 g
Sugars 7.2 g
Lactose 7 g
Fiber 0.4 g
Galacto-oligosaccharides 0.4 g
Protein 1.3 g
Sodium 20 mg
Potassium 84 mg
Calcium 70 mg
Iron 1 mg
Phosphorus 40 mg
Magnesium 6.3 mg
Nutritional Values Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared
Chloride 52 mg
Zinc 0.5 mg
Copper 0.054 mg
Iodine 15 mcg
Manganese 0.0070 mg
Selenium 3.9 mcg
Fluoride < 0.010 mg
Vitamin C 10 mg
Vitamin A 56 mcg
Vitamin D 1.6 mcg
Vitamin E 0.080 mg
Vitamin B1 0.037 mg
Vitamin B2 0.14 mg
Vitamin B6 0.042 mg
Vitamin B12 0.10 mcg
Folic Acid 10 mcg
Pantothenic Acid 0.35 mg
Vitamin K 3.1 mcg
Biotin 1.3 mcg
Niacin 0.53 mg

Organic Skim Milk, Organic Lactose, Organic Vegetable Oils [Organic Palm Oil, Organic Rapeseed Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil], Organic Whey, Organic Galacto-Oligosaccharides (obtained from Organic Lactose), Fish Oil, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Salts Of Orthophosphoric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, L-Tyrosine, L-Tryptophan, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin C, Iron Sulfate, Lactic Acid, L-Cystine, Niacin, Zinc Oxide, Lactic Acid Culture [Hereditum® Lactobacillus Fermentum CECT5716], Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Potassium Iodate, Folic Acid, Sodium Selenate, Manganese Sulfate, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Biotin.

HiPP Dutch Stage 2 Formula

HiPP Dutch Stage 2 Combiotik Infant Formula is ideal for infants ages 6 – 12 months old. This organic baby formula features many of the same beneficial ingredients of Stage 1. If you started your baby on HiPP Dutch Stage 1, it will likely be a smooth transition to Stage 2, since they’re already used to a similar formula. However, if your baby was previously breastfed this will still be a great formula to transition them to as it contains many of the same nutrients and properties of breastmilk.

This formula has been expertly designed to offer complete nutritional needs for your older baby. With a targeted combination of vitamins and minerals, this formula is a great complement to your baby’s first solid meals.

HiPP Dutch Stage 2, is produced with the same high-quality standard, organic ingredients, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing standards as it’s counterparts (Stage 1, Stage 3, and Stage 4). This formula is based in organic skim milk, organic whey, and organic vegetable oils and is completely free from any starch, gluten, soy, added sugars, preservatives and GMOs.

Exceeding all standards of the European Union’s strict organic requirements, this formula is safe and non-toxic. Containing organic blends of prebiotics and probiotics, in the form of organic lactic acid bacterial cultures, this formula is made to be digested easily and offers beneficial properties that help improve your baby’s gut health.

With long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids included, this formula helps support healthy brain and eye development for your little one. This organic baby formula is nutritionist-recommended and offers all of the necessary ingredients to set your baby up for a healthy future. HiPP Dutch Stage 2 comes in an 800 gram container that has a shelf-life of 6 months. One container should result in at least 200 fluid oz of prepared milk.

Customer reviews


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by Vivian Tyson

Recommended by other moms

I still remember when I went back to my gym regimen, my milk supply suddenly dropped and I was looking for a nutrition loaded formula and here i heard about Hipp Dutch and it worked well with my son.

by Kendra Jones

Recommended by other moms

This formula did wonders for my granddaughter. It is so easy to prepare and also easy to digest with its well balanced nutrients.

by Christine W.

Recommended by other moms

Tried quite a few formulas but this one seems be working quite well for my little one. Team was very helpful in suggesting the right formula. Thanks team!