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Shipping & Returns

Important (but friendly!) information about our shipping, returns, and pricing policies.

All Formulas are Shipped Directly from Europe

Fresh stock with long expiration dates

Orders are processed in real time.  Monday through Friday, all orders will ship within 24 hours.  Our shipping department is closed on weekends.  All weekend orders will ship the next business day.

Express Shipping

2 – 5 business days delivery

To ensure fast delivery, all our formulas are shipped directly from Europe with an estimated delivery of 2-5 business days. If there is a stat holiday, then it could take additional couple of days due to the couriers not working on stat holidays.  We utilize major carriers including UPS, DHL and FedEx for all expedited deliveries.  Keep in mind that tracking numbers sent over the weekend might not immediately appear in your carrier’s tracking system.  All local delivery issues are the responsibility of the carrier.  These can be addressed by calling the individual carrier with your tracking information.

Fast shipping means small cancellation windows

Cancel within 3 hours or by midnight EST – whichever is sooner

Our fast delivery times necessitate extremely tight turnaround times.  As a result, we can only accept cancelations within 3 hours from the time of the order.  Orders made after 9 PM Eastern Time must be cancelled by 12 Midnight Eastern. 

No Refunds or Exchanges

No exception

Baby formula is a highly hygienic product. We realize that sometimes customers make mistakes in their purchases. But if the formula leaves our warehouse, due to the sensitive nature of this food item we can’t accept any returns or refunds. You can view the full refund policy here. By purchasing you are also agreeing that this formula is for personal use only.