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Bebe Mandorle (Bebe M) Vegan Baby Formula

Bebe Mandorle is a milk-free vegan / plant-based formula that is an alternative if your baby is lactose intolerant or has a milk allergy. It is vegetable-based and contains proteins from rice called hydrolysate. This protein is naturally obtained through a mild enzyme process.

Bebe M has the important vitamins and minerals your baby needs to meet his required nutritional needs for proper development. It contains the appropriate amount of protein and calcium so your baby won’t be deficient.

Made using certified organic farming methods, Bebe Mandorle is free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. There is also no palm oil or soy in these products.

Since Bebe Mandorle is made in France, it is certified to European standards which means you won’t find any added sugars or corn syrup. This is something that can’t be said for manufacturers of U.S.-made baby formulas. You also won’t find any wheat, fluoride, preservatives, gluten, peanuts, or trans fatty acids. You can feel confident that your baby is only getting the ingredients he needs to be healthy.

When you buy Bebe Mandorle products for your baby, you’re getting products from a company that has worked tirelessly for over 25 years to produce an innovative line of infant formula that offers organic and vegetable-based options for babies with milk allergies. Bebe Mandorle was developed after years of research with the support of child nutrition specialists and the Ministry of Research. It was one of the first companies to develop a partial hydrolysate rice protein formula that is 100% organic. In 2013, Bebe Mandorle formula received an award for Innovation at the NatExpo fair trade show in Paris.

Bebe Mandorle offers a baby formula for babies in stages 1, 2, and 3. Stage 1 is made especially for babies from birth to 6 months. Babies can continue with Stage 2 when they reach the 6-month mark. Stage 3 is reserved for babies ages 10 months and older.

Once you start your baby on Bebe Mandorle and they are tolerating it well, it’s best to keep their formula consistent until they transition to another diet. Always check with your pediatrician first before giving your baby any new formulas.