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Bebe Mandorle (BebeM) Vegan Formula

Bebe Mandorle was one of the first European companies to create a 100% plant-based formula made with rice protein. It is a good choice for babies with allergies to cow’s milk or lactose. 

Created in 2013, Bebe Mandorle (BebeM) is a French baby formula brand that produces premium-grade vegan, organic baby formulas. Since its founding, it has been an innovator in the vegan/vegetarian baby formula market.

Plant-based formulas are also viable options for vegetarian and vegan families looking for animal-based formula alternatives. For example, BebeM formula serves as a good vegan alternative to soy-based formula since it is made from rice protein. 

Soy is not only an allergen, some parents wish to avoid this ingredient in formulas due to its possible impact on hormones. Additionally, much of the soy in the United States is genetically modified. 

BebeM is fully committed to sourcing plant-based ingredients for all of its ingredients to create 100% vegan products. This can be seen in such ingredients as rice protein, DHA from algae, and vitamins from plant sources. 

All BebeM formulas are certified organic, free from GMOs, artificial ingredients, steroids, corn syrup, and palm oil. Omitting palm oil and corn syrup demonstrates BebeM’s commitment to using the highest quality ingredients and it is unique when compared to US formulas. 

BebeM’s line of infant formulas from Stage 1 to Stage 3 meets all of the nutritional needs for growing infants from birth to 12 months. This formula can be taken as a complete nutrition source for babies or as a complement to breastfeeding. 

Plant-Based Formula Basics 

Breastfeeding remains the gold standard for infant feeding. For many babies, this is not always an option. BebeM is a reliable plant-based formula alternative for babies with a cow’s milk allergy or lactose intolerance.  

Plant-based formulas can come from soy or rice protein. Though soy is another common allergen among infants and some parents may wish to avoid soy ingredients. BebeM was one of the first manufacturers to pioneer using hydrolyzed rice protein. 

BebeM has formulas specifically tailored for babies at critical periods of development. Stage 1 formula is for babies from birth to 6 months. Stage 2 formula is from 6 to 10 months and stage 3 formula is for babies older than 10 months. It can serve as a sole nutrition source or as a supplemental formula for babies who are breastfeeding and beginning to introduce solid foods. 

BebeM is committed to delivering a 100% plant-based formula. This is evident in their use of hydrolyzed rice protein and vegetable oils as a fat source. They even go so far as choosing algae and lichen to source DHA which is traditionally harvested from fish oil. 

Key Bebe Mandorle Formula Nutrients

Plant-based baby formula can contain all the essential nutrients needed to support healthy growth and development. Hydrolyzed rice is a source of protein, but it is also lacking certain essential amino acids babies need on a daily basis. To meet this additional need, amino acids are simply added to the formula. This ensures infants get the complete protein they need to grow new muscles and tissues. 

BebeM has added calcium and iron to mimic the nutritional content of breastmilk and other animal-based formulas. 

Maltodextrin is a type of carbohydrate used in baby formulas, including BebeM’s vegan formulas. It is broken down and absorbed in the digestive tract more rapidly than other types of carbohydrates, such as lactose. For some babies, maltodextrin can cause digestive distress such as gas and fussiness. However, it is a safe ingredient in baby formulas. 

How is Bebe Mandorle Formula Made?

Organic BebeM vegan formula is based on organic rice protein hydrolysate. The term hydrolysate indicates that the rice protein is broken into smaller, digestible pieces. Rice protein is obtained naturally through a mild enzyme process considered to be a top alternative to cow’s milk.  

All BebeM formulas are free from GMOs, preservatives, corn syrup, and antibiotics. Babies with multiple allergies may tolerate BebeM formula since it is free from major food allergens including wheat, soy, egg, milk, and gluten. 

Agriculture Biologique is a voluntary certification in France, similar to the USDA organic certification. In order to achieve this certification, BebeM meets strict agricultural and manufacturing requirements and is subject to frequent quality checks. The AB seal on BebeM products is an indication the product contains organic ingredients and relies on environmentally friendly practices.  

BebeM uses an innovative cold press technique to obtain vegetable oils for its formula. Cold press is a technique in which the oil is extracted from almonds using pressure, instead of heat or chemicals. 

Using a cold press avoids the need for chemicals or heat that could potentially alter the structure of the oils. This cold press technique not only has nutritional advantages, but it is also better for the environment by using less chemical processing. 

Further demonstrating their plant-based commitment, BebeM finds vegan sources for vitamins used in their formulas. Icelandic lichen provides a source of vitamin D instead of sheep’s wool. Acerola berries are a source of vitamin C for their formula. Marine algae supply DHA instead of fish oil. 

Pros and Cons of Bebe Mandorle Brand


  • 100% vegan organic formula
  • No GMOs, added sugar, palm oil, or corn syrup
  • Free from major allergens such as milk, gluten, egg, soy, and fish


  • No pre- or probiotics for digestive health
  • Maltodextrin may cause digestive problems for some babies
  • More expensive than some animal-based formulas

Bebe Mandorle Product Line

BebeM makes plant-based vegan formulas that are nutritionally complete for babies from birth to 36 months. All of their formulas are certified organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and free from artificial ingredients. 

Each BebeM formula is free from controversial ingredients such as palm oil and corn syrup, which distinguishes them from many US brands. Their innovative use of rice protein hydrolysate and cold pressed oils is above and beyond what you will find in most US brands. 

BebeM’s line of plant-based vegan baby formulas and age ranges are:

Stage 1 for babies 0 to 6 months

Stage 2 for babies 6+ months

Stage 3 for babies 10+ months

BebeM Stage 1 is a plant-based formula for babies ages 0 to 6 months with cow’s milk or other animal milk allergies. Stage 1 formula has added DHA and EPA for brain growth and development. 

Stage 2 formula is for babies 6 months and older or who have increased energy needs beyond what a stage 1 formula can provide. Stage 2 formula can be a sole nutrition source providing sufficient daily energy and nutrients. It can also be a complement to breastfeeding and introduction to solid foods. 

BebeM’s Stage 3 formula is designed for babies 10 to 36 months old. Babies at this age are eating more solids and weaning from the bottle and/or breast, so this formula is intended to supplement the diet. Step 3 is a natural follow-on formula for babies who have been consuming BebeM Stage 2 vegan formula or wish to transition to a vegan formula after breastfeeding.

Bottom Line

BebeM pioneered the technology that sets the gold standard for vegan baby formula today. Their premium plant-based formulas are free from all major allergens including milk, gluten, eggs, soy, and fish. BebeM organic formulas do not have GMOs, corn syrup, or palm oil, which is superior to many other baby formulas on the market. 

The higher cost is a worthy investment for a top-tier vegan baby formula with an exceptional commitment to making a superior quality product. BebeM’s plant-based baby formulas work well for babies with allergies or for families wanting a vegan or vegetarian option. Your family medical provider can help you find the right formula for your child’s specific nutrition needs.


No, BebeM uses a combination of organic vegetable oils as primary fat sources in their formulas. 

Yes, BebeM is a 100% plant-based formula made with hydrolyzed rice protein. BebeM only uses plant-based ingredients including vegetable oils, algae for DHA, lichen for vitamin D, and acerola berries for vitamin C. 

Breastmilk remains the gold standard for feeding infants. Yes, BebeM can be used as a supplemental nutrition source for babies who are breastfeeding. 

BebeM vegan formulas are all gluten-free, making them good options for babies with gluten allergy or intolerance. 

As a plant-based rice formula, BebeM has a different protein source than cow’s milk formula. Additionally, BebeM is made without preservatives and the combination of these things may result in a formula that looks and tastes different from cow’s milk formula.