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HiPP Organic Baby Formula

HiPP Organic Baby Formula was originally started in Germany, but now offers baby formula that can be purchased by parents worldwide. This organic brand of baby formula places quality first when developing their formulas.
Made only with organic and sustainably farmed ingredients, HiPP makes formula that is good for your baby and good for the environment as well. The creators of HiPP use decades of knowledge and expertise to craft some of the best baby formula available to consumers. HiPP Baby formula is available in a few different varieties, including HiPP German, HiPP Dutch, and HiPP UK. All HiPP Baby formulas contain a unique blend of prebiotics and probiotics that are similar to those found in natural human breast milk. HiPP baby formula undergoes extensive quality testing to ensure that it is only the best for babies everywhere. The milk used to make HiPP formulas is fully organic and ethically sourced.


All HiPP Baby formulas are made completely free from GMOs, gluten, and soy.
Although HiPP baby formulas are available in a wide variety of stages and varieties, they all share a few common ingredients including: Organic skim milk, Prebiotics and probiotics, Organic vegetable oil blend, Essential vitamins and minerals for your baby. Some HiPP formulas contain starch, while there is also a starch free version.


HiPP Baby formulas come in a variety of stages including Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4.
As well as the Kindermilch series, HA series, anti-reflux formula, hungry infant, and comfort formula. There is truly a HiPP formula for every baby depending on their unique age and needs. Each stage of HiPP formula has slightly varying ingredients, depending on the age range it is designed for.

Why Choose HiPP

It’s hard to go wrong when choosing HiPP formula for your baby.
With extensive quality testing and strict organic farming principles, the experts as HiPP are working hard with the well-being of babies in mind. If you want a clean, fully organic, and trusted formula that can follow your baby through every stage of life, then HiPP is the perfect choice.