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HiPP German Baby Formula

Choosing the best baby formula brand for your baby could make all the difference in setting them up for a healthy, nutritionally complete future. The HiPP Germany Baby Formula brand is a great organic option. HiPP Baby Formula is available in a few different variations including HiPP Dutch, HiPP German, and HiPP UK. Today, we will discuss HiPP German and compare it to the other HiPP Baby formula varieties.


All HiPP Baby Formulas are certified organic by European standards, which is a good thing because European regulations are a lot stricter than those in the United States. Something else that all of these formulas have in common is the fact that they are all nutritionally complete and are composed of organic ingredients including skim milk, whey, lactose, vegetable oils, probiotics, fatty acids, and essential vitamins and minerals. The probiotics and prebiotics in the HiPP Baby formulas are a great addition to your baby’s diet because they can help improve gut health and ease digestion, helping to prevent gassiness and discomfort. Probiotics help introduce more healthy bacteria to your baby’s gut and are found in great abundance in breast milk (one of the reasons why breastmilk is incredibly beneficial for babies). Choosing a baby formula that contains probiotics like HiPP German is the next best thing to breast milk.


HiPP German brand baby formula has some differences when compared to its counterparts (HiPP Dutch and HiPP UK). These differences also vary depending on which stage of formula we are talking about. In general, the main difference between HiPP German Stage 1 and HiPP Dutch Stage 1 baby formula is that HiPP German contains starch as an ingredient while HiPP Dutch does not. Some parents are skeptical about the inclusion of starch in baby formulas, as it doesn’t offer much nutritional value. However, this ingredient can help thicken the formula and help your baby feel full for longer. Another difference between HiPP German and HiPP Dutch is that HiPP German Stage 2 contains soy, which is another controversial ingredient that some parents choose to avoid for their baby. Also, the packaging differs between these two formulas, as HiPP German is packaged in 600 gram foil pouches and HiPP Dutch is available in a 900 gram tin. When comparing HiPP German and HiPP UK, HiPP UK also does not contain starch, while HiPP German does. The packaging also differs a bit, as HiPP German comes in 600 gram foil pouches while HiPP UK is packaged in 800 gram foil pouches.

Buying Options

HiPP German baby formula is also available in a number of different stages and buying options, when compared to the other HiPP Variations. This baby formula can be purchased as Combiotik Stages 1 - 3, Kindermilch 1+ and 2+, Combiotik HA, anti-reflux, and comfort. Ultimately, HiPP German Brand Baby formula is a healthy choice for your baby because it is made with completely organic ingredients, essential nutrients and vitamins, and organic lactic acid cultures that mimic the effects of the probiotics found in breast milk.