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Jovie Baby Formula

With organic goat milk as the number one ingredient, Jovie baby formula provides your baby with all of the necessary nutrients that they need to thrive without the addition of unnecessary additives. The team behind this organic baby formula brand is comprised of baby formula experts and parents who strive to offer one of the best options for formula-fed babies. Goat milk tends to be more easily digestible than cow’s milk, which is why Jovie utilizes full fat, organic goat milk as the base for their formula. Because Jovie utilizes full-fat goat’s milk, the fat content is naturally higher than some other options. This allows Jovie to add fewer vegetable oils to complete the formula, making it a cleaner and healthier option.

Omega-6 & GOS

Jovie also adds AA or arachidonic acid to their baby formulas. This omega-6 fatty acid helps contribute to healthy growth and even brain development in infants. GOS or galacto-oligosaccarides are another important component of Jovie organic baby formulas. GOS offers prebiotic properties that help to offer benefits similar to breastmilk. Sustainable manufacturing is also a goal of Jovie as they seek to source ingredients that have a minimal impact on the planet. Jovie is intentional about using full-fat milk in order to avoid the addition of unsustainable ingredients such as palm oil. They also utilize certified organic ingredients that are produced without the use of harmful pesticides, GMOs, or hormones.

Goat Milk as the Main Ingredient

We are aware that breastfeeding is always the best option for babies, which is why Jovie strives to create an organic baby formula that is as close to breast milk as possible. With certified organic, clean, ingredients and a list of vitamins and nutrients that check all the boxes for early infant nutrition – Jovie offers one of the best options for babies who must be formula-fed. This Dutch organic baby formula brand was started by parents who wanted to find the absolute best formula option for their own babies. Jovie functions not only on genuine compassion and expertise but also on a desire to do what’s best for our planet as well. With a body of knowledge and a sustainable mission in mind, this organic baby formula brand offers peace of mind for parents and complete nutrition for babies.