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HiPP Dutch Baby Formula

When it comes to the formula you feed your baby, it is very important to pick a reputable brand like HiPP Dutch Organic Baby Formula. Organic, environmentally-friendly, and only the best ingredients help set HiPP Dutch Organic Baby Formula apart from some of its competitors. This baby formula is available in a few variations including Hipp Dutch, German, and UK. Today we will discuss the unique features of the Hipp Dutch brand of baby formula.

Differences in HiPP Dutch

There are a few key differences that set the Dutch version of HiPP baby formula apart from some of the other variations such as the packaging, presence of starch, and soy contents. All HiPP baby formulas have undergone extensive testing to meet the European Union’s guidelines to be labeled as organic. The packaging of HiPP Dutch baby formula is available in a 900 gram container, while other variations are typically available in 600 gram and 800 gram containers. This difference causes HiPP Dutch formula to have a higher price tag than the other variations of this formula. Keep in mind that this higher price reflects a higher quantity.


HiPP Dutch formula does not contain starch, while some other variations do. This natural ingredient is often added to baby formulas to help babies feel full for longer. There is some debate surrounding this ingredient as parent’s wonder if it is necessary, due to its lack of nutritional value. The HiPP Baby Formula brand does not add starch to any of their pre or stage 1 formulas and it is excluded from all stages of the Dutch variation. Another controversial ingredient that you won’t find in HiPP Dutch Baby Formula is soy lecithin. Many parents avoid feeding soy to their babies because many children are allergic to it. Soy also contains phytoestrogens that can lead to hormonal imbalances, developmental delays, and reproductive issues down the line. You will only find soy added to HiPP Dutch Baby Formula Stage 3. This formula is designed for babies 10 months and older.