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Breast Milk vs Goat Milk -What are the Differences?

If you’re new to the formula scene and have noticed that some organic formulas are made with
goat milk, you may be wondering what that’s all about. Since all formulas do their best to mimic
the qualities of breast milk, it only seems natural to want to know how goat milk compares to
breast milk, especially if you’re considering goat milk-based formula for your baby.
Sit back and relax as we take a look at what makes them different when it comes to their
nutritional value so you can decide if you want your baby to try goat milk-based formulas.

Breast Milk vs. Goat Milk: Main Ingredients

Breast milk is always getting a gold medal because it contains all of the nutrients a baby needs
for growth and development. But, do you really know what’s in it? What about goat milk? What
makes that stand out?

Here’s a look:


Human breast milk contains more fat than goat milk. At 4.2 percent fat, breast milk has long-
chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that are not found in goat’s milk. These fatty acids are more
commonly known as DHA and ARA.


Lactose is the main carbohydrate found in breast milk. The concentration of lactose in breast
milk is higher than in goat’s milk. But, European baby formulas, like the ones you can find at
Organic Baby Formula, are required to have at least 30% of their carbohydrates come from
lactose. The U.S. does not have the same requirement when it comes to the amount of lactose
formula must contain, although formulas made in the U.S. do include lactose.

Human milk also contains oligosaccharides which makes it different from goat milk. These block
bacteria from attaching to the surfaces of the intestine to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal
One study did find that 5 of the 14 oligosaccharides that are found in goat milk formula are also
found in human breast milk. This led scientists to conclude that goat milk formula has strong
prebiotic and anti-infection properties similar to those found in human breast milk.


Goat milk has more protein than breast milk. But, the proteins that breast milk does have are
usually easier for babies to digest. This helps to meet the protein requirements for babies while
protecting their kidneys from too much protein waste.

Vitamins and Minerals

Breast milk has all the vitamins and minerals babies need except for an adequate source of
Vitamin D. Breastfed babies will have to get Vitamin D from other sources.
Goat milk is relatively low in iron and copper when compared to human milk. Since the
synthesis of red blood cells depends on these two nutrients, some infants may become anemic
if they consume goat milk without supplementation.

Another factor to consider when comparing goat milk and breast milk is that goat milk may
contain too much calcium and phosphorus for a baby’s kidneys to handle.

Goat Milk-Based Formulas

There are several formulas that are goat milk-based rather than cow milk-based. Some parents
opt for the goat milk-based formulas if their babies are allergic to cow’s milk or have a hard time
digesting it. For some babies, goat milk is easier to digest. If you think your baby has an allergy
to cow’s milk or has a tough time digesting it, talk to your pediatrician to decide if you should
give goat milk-based formula a try.

If you get the green light, Jovie makes a line of goat milk-based formula. These formulas use
full-fat organic goat milk rather than cow milk. Since it is full-fat milk, fewer vegetable oils are
added to the formula.

Jovie adds arachidonic acid to its baby formulas. This is an omega-6 fatty acid that helps to
contribute to healthy growth and brain development. Galacto-oligosaccharides are also added
which gives the formula prebiotic properties that are similar to those found in breast milk.

Holle also makes a line of goat milk-based formulas. These formulas are made with organic
whole goat milk and don’t contain any artificial preservatives, chemicals, flavors, soy, or added
dyes. It’s also produced with chemical-free farming and manufacturing.
You can order both Jovie and Holle goat milk-based formulas at Organic Baby
We take pride in knowing we can provide quality European formulas for babies at all stages of

The Bottom Line

When comparing breast milk to goat milk, you’re going to find that breast milk does contain
more of the important carbohydrate, lactose, and will also be higher in fat. But, breast milk lacks
sufficient Vitamin D for growing babies. On the flipside, goat milk tends to be relatively low in
copper and iron when compared to breast milk.
If you’re considering goat milk-based formula, there are several on the market that do their best
to match the qualities of breast milk. Organic Baby Formula carries these as well as other
organic formulas for your baby as he grows.