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Glass vs Plastic Baby Bottles

If you’ve got a young baby living in your home, then chances are you’ve got a cabinet or drawer
filled with all types of different baby bottles. Plastic baby bottles seem to be one of the most
popular types, but are they the best option? When it comes to selecting the best baby bottle for
feeding your infant, there are a variety of factors to consider, one of which is glass versus

Benefits of Plastic Baby Bottles

As arguably the most popular baby bottle option, plastic offers a variety of benefits such as
being lightweight, non-breakable, accessible, and daycare-friendly.


Plastic baby bottles are lightweight, making them easy for you to hold when you’re feeding your
baby. This is also ideal for older babies who are ready to start holding their bottles on their own.
The lighter weight also makes plastic baby bottles safer in some ways since you don’t have to
worry about bumping your baby with a heavy glass bottle on accident or even having it thrown
at you when your baby gets older (yes, that happens sometimes).

Not breakable

Another obvious benefit of plastic baby bottles is the fact that they aren’t breakable. You don’t
have to worry about dropping a glass bottle in the middle of the night and having a big clean-up
if you only use plastic bottles. This also makes them more baby-friendly, since you can allow
your older baby or toddler to have free reign over their plastic bottle without worrying about it
breaking and them hurting themselves.

Easy to find

Unlike glass bottles, plastic bottles can be purchased just about anywhere. So if you’re ever in a
pinch and need a new bottle ASAP (such as while traveling) you’ll likely be able to find a plastic
bottle at the store much more easily than glass. Plastic bottles also tend to cost less than glass.


Many daycare facilities do not allow the use of glass bottles due to the potential for them to
break. If you plan to put your baby in daycare then you’ll definitely want to have plenty of plastic
bottles to send your baby with.

Benefits of Glass Baby Bottles

Plastic bottles have their benefits but glass bottles do too. Many parents have been swapping
their baby’s plastic bottles for glass in an effort to reduce toxin exposure and choose a more
sustainable material.

Less toxic material

Glass is a much cleaner material, given that it contains less harmful chemicals than plastic
does. Some older plastic bottles may contain BPA, a harmful chemical that has been linked to
brain and behavioral issues in infants and children. Luckily, BPA has been banned for years
now so you won’t find it in newer bottles. Plastic still contains some harmful materials that can
leach into food, so using glass helps ensure slightly less toxin exposure for you and your family.

Better for the planet

It’s no secret that plastic has become a major environmental issue over the years. Plastic
materials don’t just occupy important space in our landfills but they can even break down and
leak harmful chemicals into the environment. Glass is a more environmetally friendly option
given that it is more easily recyclable and if it does end up in a landfill, it won’t have the same
environmental impact as plastic.

Easier to clean

Most glass bottles can easily be washed in the dishwasher. Since glass is a more durable
material, it can easily withstand higher temperatures, allowing it to be more easily cleaned than
plastic. Some plastic materials may degrade with time when washed at too high of temperatures
so it is important to check the cleaning instructions for any plastic bottles before placing them in
your dishwasher.

Long lasting

Assuming that you don’t drop and break any of your glass bottles, they are likely to last much
longer. Most glass baby bottles come with a rubber or silicone sleeve to make them less
breakable if dropped. Since glass is a strong and durable option, you can purchase a few glass
bottles and use them for many years with multiple children.

So, What’s the Best Option?

Ultimately, glass and plastic baby bottles each offer their own unique benefits and the best
option for you depends on what your needs are. If you plan to send your baby to a daycare
facility, then you should plan on having at least a few plastic bottles on hand. For families who
are adamant about using minimal plastic and want to take the most sustainable route, there is
nothing wrong with using glass bottles exclusively, just make sure that you utilize a silicone case
to prevent the glass from shattering.