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How to Get Rid of a Diaper Rash

A diaper rash can be uncomfortable and even painful for your little one which is why you want to
get them relief ASAP. As soon as you notice any sign that a rash is forming, it’s time to get
down to business so you can wave that rash goodbye.

If you’re a new parent, you may feel a little lost when it comes to diaper rash treatment and
prevention. Don’t worry, we’re here to sort it all out for you so that you can help your baby’s

Let’s take a look at how these pesky rashes even form as well as the best ways to treat them.
We’re also going to give you some tips to avoid that rash from bothering your baby in the first

Time to get started!

What is a Diaper Rash and How Does it Form?

A diaper rash is an inflamed skin area that becomes red and irritated on your baby’s bottom.
Although it’s pretty common, you don’t want your baby getting it because it can be extremely

Diaper rashes can appear as a result of:
Wet or infrequently changed diapers
When babies’ skin is exposed to urine or stool for too long, it can irritate their skin.
Skin sensitivity
Babies with sensitive skin or eczema may be more prone to developing diaper rashes.
When diapers are too tight, it can lead to rubbing and chafing, resulting in a diaper rash.
Irritation from a new product
If you start using a new brand of diapers or wipes, your baby may develop a reaction that could
lead to a diaper rash.
Introduction of new foods
When your baby starts new foods, it can change their stool. This increases the chances of a
diaper rash. Also, when your baby starts new food, it can take their digestive system a while to
get used to it and in the process lead to diarrhea. This can also lead to a baby developing a
diaper rash.
Antibiotic Use

If your baby was recently on antibiotics, it can result in a diaper rash due to a yeast infection.
Antibiotics kill bad and good bacteria. According to the Mayo Clinic, when a baby takes
antibiotics, bacteria that prevent yeast growth may be depleted. This can lead to a yeast
infection which can result in a diaper rash.

Some babies are more prone to getting a diaper rash while others may just see one or two
during their diaper days.

What is the Best Diaper Rash Treatment and Prevention?

Treating these menacing rashes can be pretty easy. Here are some tips from the American
Academy of Dermatology Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Change Dirty Diapers Right Away

Changing your baby as soon as possible reduces moisture on the skin that can trigger a rash.
The longer your baby sits in a wet diaper, the more likely a diaper rash can form. If your baby
goes to daycare, you’ll want to do your best to ask that they change all babies as soon as

Use Larger Diapers
To prevent rubbing and chafing, you may want to use diapers that are a little larger until the rash
goes away.

Gently Clean the Diaper Area

Remember, babies have delicate skin. Use baby wipes that are alcohol and fragrance-free to
gently clean your baby. Always allow the area to air dry. If your baby is home with you, you may
want them to go diaper-free as long as possible so that you give the wet skin time to dry and

Rinse Your Baby’s Bottom with Warm Water After Each Diaper Change
Use a sink, tub, or water bottle to clean the skin after diaper changes. Be sure to be gentle!

Use a Zinc Oxide Diaper Cream
Using a zinc oxide diaper cream can help if your baby’s skin is irritated between diaper
changes. Don’t be shy about layering it up to prevent things down there from getting worse.

Bathe Your Baby Daily
Bathe your baby every day with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap until the rash clears

Call Your Doctor If a Skin Infection Develops
If you start noticing a fever, blisters, or pus that drains from the rash, you’ll want to call your
pediatrician. These can all be signs of a skin infection that needs professional care.

If your baby is hard to console or in extreme pain, be sure to call your pediatrician ASAP.

How Long Does it Take for a Diaper Rash to Go Away?

Diaper rashes usually go away after several days. But, just because you’re in the clear doesn’t
mean you won’t get another visit from the diaper rash fairy. These guys tend to come back
repeatedly and sometimes with a vengeance. If it seems like your baby always has a diaper
rash, see your pediatrician.

The Bottom Line on Diaper Rashes

Diaper rashes are uncomfortable skin irritations that can lead to cranky and irritable babies. Wet
diapers, chafing, and new product use can all lead to a diaper rash. One of the best and easiest
things you can do to help your little one get through this and to avoid it from happening is to
change their diapers as soon as possible. When your little one sits in wetness, there is an
increased chance a diaper rash will form.

Using zinc oxide creams and letting the area air out can also help treat a diaper rash. Always
call your pediatrician if your baby gets a fever, the rash starts oozing, or blisters start to form.
Unfortunately, diaper rashes are pretty common and part of a baby’s life. The more we can do
to prevent them from happening and help our little ones get through it when they do, the happier
your baby will be.