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Hypoallergenic Formula

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Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

Unfortunately, childhood allergies are becoming increasingly common. Some babies are extremely sensitive to the proteins found in cow’s milk. So you may be wondering what makes a baby formula hypoallergenic. Below we will discuss this, and share some of our favorite hypoallergenic baby formula brands.

What is hypoallergenic baby formula?

What is hypoallergenic baby formula?

Partially hydrolyzed

Meaning the proteins have been partially broken down, technically these formulas are not truly hypoallergenic. This may be indicated for a baby with a minor sensitivity to cow’s milk, rather than a severe allergy.

Extensively hydrolyzed

These formulas have been more fully broken down to the smallest milk proteins possible.

Free amino acid-based

These formulas are usually indicated for more severe allergies and involve proteins that have been split into amino acids (the building blocks of protein). This is the formula to try if your baby cannot tolerate extensively hydrolyzed formula.