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Formulas with Probiotics

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Baby Formulas with Probiotics

Introducing your baby to probiotics early on is a great way to not only help ease digestion but also boost their immune system and prevent illness. Breastfed babies are naturally exposed to prebiotics and probiotics that are produced in a mother’s milk, but formula fed babies will have to get these nutrients elsewhere. Luckily, there are many great baby formulas that also contain probiotics, allowing for all babies to have a healthy start to life.

Why give your baby probiotics?

Probiotics are basically just another word for “good bacteria”. There are all types of bacteria found in the gut of human adults, but babies aren’t born with these healthy bacteria in their gut. Overtime, babies will acquire more and more healthy bacteria in their gut as they grow and develop. In order to jumpstart this process, it is helpful to give your baby probiotics as early as their first days of life.