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Tips to Relieve Baby Gas

It doesn’t take long for most new parents to realize that the reason for the majority of fussiness
in infancy is related to the tummy. Hiccups, gas, acid reflux, and just standard digestion are all
normal processes that could cause your young baby to feel uncomfortable. Gassiness is
incredibly common in babies and although it can’t be avoided altogether, there are some steps
you can take to help comfort your baby and to help prevent excessive gas.

How to Relieve Baby Gas

If your baby is experiencing discomfort from being gassy, there are a few methods you can try
to help soothe them:

Upright position

Try changing positions so that the air can escape more easily. Keep your baby in an upright
position during and after feedings, rather than laying them on their back right away. This allows
any air they’ve swallowed to move up and out, as the milk moves down their digestive tract.

Burp frequently

Burp your baby after every feeding. By gently patting or rubbing on your baby’s back, you can
help any air in their stomach escape. You can even burp your baby during feedings and take
breaks while feeding to allow them the chance to burp. This prevents a build up of air in the
digestive tract.

Tummy time

Tummy time doesn’t just help with your baby’s growth and development, it can also help with
gassiness. The gentle pressure on your baby’s stomach during tummy time can help with
gassiness and digestive discomfort. Make sure to always remain close to your baby during
tummy time and change positions if they become uncomfortable.

Keep crying to a minimum

Babies tend to swallow extra air when they cry, which can lead to gasiness. Obviously you can’t
control how much your baby cries but taking steps to soothe your baby and staying on top of
their feeding and nap schedules can help minimize fussiness.

Try a probiotic

Probiotics are a great way to boost the gut health of your baby which can help to minimize
digestive discomfort. Consider incorporating an infant probiotic to help your baby with

Offer gripe water

Another helpful remedy for baby gas is gripe water. Gripe water is an herbal supplement that
can be purchased over the counter. You can easily give this liquid supplement to your baby by
dropping it into their mouth.

Preventing Baby Gas with Proper Feeding Techniques

Gassiness in babies is typically caused by excess air in the digestive tract. The main way that
babies end up with air in their digestive tract is by swallowing air while feeding or crying. One of
the most effective ways to prevent gassiness in your baby is to ensure that you’re using a
proper feeding technique.

Bottle-fed babies

For bottle-fed babies, make sure you’re feeding them in a comfortable, upright position. You’ll
also want to ensure that their mouth seals tightly around the nipple of the bottle–if it doesn’t, you
may need to try a different bottle style. Give your baby breaks throughout the feeding and make
sure they don’t suck on the empty bottle once their feeding is complete. You may need to try out
a couple of different bottle types before determining which style works best for your baby. Some
bottles are specially designed to help prevent gassiness so this is a great option for babies who
are more prone to it.

Breastfed babies

If your baby is breastfed, you’ll want to make sure that they are latching properly while feeding.
Signs of an incorrect latch include breast pain and a clicking sound while feeding. If you or your
baby are having a difficult time while breastfeeding, you may want to consider seeing a lactation

When Does Baby Gassiness Become a Concern?

Gassiness is incredibly common in young babies and although it may seem to cause discomfort,
it is rarely a true cause for concern. However, if your baby’s gassiness is causing severe
disruption in their sleep or feeding patterns, you may need to consult with your pediatrician.
Breastfed babies who are excessively gassy may benefit from the mother cutting out common
food allergens such as dairy and soy. Formula-fed babies can benefit from a more gentle
formula choice, such as a goat’s milk-based formula.

As with most aspects of parenting, figuring out what works best for your baby will be a process
of trial and error. Support your baby as best you can when they are gassy, take steps to prevent
digestive discomfort, and always be aware enough to tell if their issues are causing them severe