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What is the Best Water for Preparing Baby Formula?

All water is created equal, right? Wrong! When you’re talking about the best water to prepare
baby formula, you want to do your homework and use the cleanest, safest water for your baby.

What type of water is that? We’re going to break it down for you so that you can feel confident
that everything you’re giving your baby is as safe as possible.

Different Types of Water to Prepare Baby Formula

  1. Tap Water

Tap water is the easiest and most plentiful source. If you’re worried that your drinking water is
not safe, you can ask for a water test. Many public water systems will test your water if you
request it.

You also want to consider the amount of fluoride in the water because water with fluoride can
increase a child’s risk of developing little white streaks or lines on their teeth. This is known as
fluorosis. On the flip side, exposure to fluoride during infancy can also help to prevent tooth
decay. So, you just want to be careful and find that perfect balance.

2. Well Water

If you have well water, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends having it
tested for nitrates every three months for a year to make sure it’s safe for your baby. This is
because of the nitrates that are used in fertilizers and found in plants. They can sometimes
make their way into the groundwater which is not so good for your baby. In fact, when babies
ingest these nitrates regularly, it can lead to something called methemoglobinemia. This is a
very dangerous condition that can sometimes be fatal because it interferes with the way oxygen
circulates in the blood. While some parents opt to boil well water, it won’t reduce the nitrate

3. Filtered Water

Filtered water is another option. There are many different water pitchers out there that have
water filtration systems. For this to be effective, you need to change the filter cartridge often.
You can look at the different filtering systems so that you choose one that fits your needs and
filter out what you’re looking to get rid of.
Bottled Water

When you’re on the go, bottled water is your best friend to mix baby formula because it’s
convenient and portable. Look for bottled water that is low in sodium and sulfates. Choose
bottled water that is:

● Purified
● Deionized
● Demineralized
● Distilled

Some special nursery water products are made specifically for babies. You can choose these as

How Long is Formula Good for After Mixing it with Water?

According to the AAP, follow these guidelines once you’ve mixed your baby formula with water:

After serving, prepared formula must be discarded within one hour after serving.

● Any formula that has not been served, can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours
to prevent any bacterial contamination.

● Any type of formula that is ready-to-feed, concentrated, or formula-prepared from a
concentrated liquid formula, should be covered and put in the fridge. If not used after 48
hours, it should be thrown away.

Following these guidelines can assure that your baby is getting the safest nutrition possible.

Should I Boil Water for Baby Formula?

The World Health Organization recommends that all water used to mix baby formula should be
boiled. This kills any harmful bacteria that may be present while still keeping all of the helpful

If you are worried about your water source, you can boil water for one minute and allow it to cool
for up to 30 minutes before mixing it with formula. You don’t want to use water that’s too warm
because it will harm your baby. As the AAP recommends, parents should always use water from
a safe source to mix infant formula whether you intend to boil the water or not.

Boiling water to use in formula will not get rid of any chemicals, only harmful bacteria. If you are
concerned about chemicals in your baby’s formula, be sure to use water that is safe as well as
formula that is chemical-free.

At Organic Baby Formula, we only sell chemical-free formulas. Our organic brands like Holle,
HiPP, and Jovie are all made with organic ingredients that are good for your baby. We take
pride in offering formulas that have the nutrients your baby needs for proper growth and

When you choose any of the organic baby formulas we sell, you don’t have to worry when you
mix it with whatever water you decide to use. As long as you’re using a water source that’s safe,
you can count on our formulas to provide the nutrition your baby needs.