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What You Need to Babyproof Your House

When you have a little one around the house, safety is your top priority. They may be little, but
you’ll be surprised at how fast babies can get themselves into some pretty dangerous situations.
This is why you can’t forget to baby proof your house.

If this is your first ride on the parenting train, you may not know exactly what you need to make
your house safe. At Organic Baby, we’ve got your back and have some items
you’ll want to put on your shopping list. We’ve divided them up by room to make it easier for

Babyproofing Gear for the Kitchen

Not to scare you but the kitchen is a breeding ground for disasters waiting to happen for your
little one. From cabinets to appliances to hot surfaces, can you say ouch? With that in mind,
here are the things you’ll want to have to prevent accidents from happening:

Modern Childproof Cabinet Locks

You may have seen the old stick-on plastic latch locks, but those can make a mess of your
cabinets and may not get the job done. Instead, opt for magnetic locks that can be mounted on
the inside of your cabinet. These come with a magnet for you to easily open the cabinets.

Stove Knob Covers

Depending on the type of stove you have, investing in knob covers is a good idea. While your
baby may not be able to reach those knobs yet, it’s only a matter of time.

Keep Cleaning Products in High Places

While there’s no “gear” item for this one, you want to keep cleaning products out of a child’s
reach. Even if you have childproof cabinet locks, all it takes is to leave a cabinet open for one
minute while you walk away and your baby grabs something he shouldn’t. Keeping these
products in high places is your best bet.

Living Room Babyproofing Gear

When you’re in your living room, you want to relax. You don’t want to worry about your baby
getting hurt with things you could have made safer for them. Here are the items you’ll need to
babyproof your living room.

Stick-On Corner Protectors

If you have a coffee table that has sharp edges, you’ll want to stock up on some corner
protectors. These will eliminate the risk of your baby running into a sharp corner and getting
You could always do a little redecorating and buy round tables if you really want to eliminate the
risk. But, corner protectors are usually sufficient enough.

Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are a must for any room of the house. Little fingers exploring electrical outlets is a
big no-no. Outlet covers fit into the prongs of the outlet so that babies’ fingers can’t get in there.
While they should be easy for you to get out when you need to plug something in, they shouldn’t
be easy for your baby.

Cordless Blinds

Blind cords pose a strangulation hazard and should be avoided at all costs. Cordless blinds are
the way to go to avoid this type of issue.

Lock Liquor Cabinets

If you have a liquor cabinet in your living room, you’ll want to keep it locked. If bottles are within
reach, your baby can get to them and try to open one. We all know how dangerous this can be.

Bathroom Baby Proofing Gear

Toilet Lock

What types of problems can babies get into in the bathroom? Plenty! For starters, there’s the
toilet. While it may not be that interesting to you, it certainly is to your baby. They can throw
things in there, stick their hands in there, and maybe even their heads! Yuck! You can avoid all
of these gross scenarios by investing in a toilet lock. This is a simple little device that keeps the
lid closed and locked when the toilet is not in use.

Medicine Cabinet

Bottles of medicine can be extremely dangerous and poisonous for little ones. If you keep
medication in the bathroom, store it in a medicine cabinet that is far away from your baby’s
reach. Babies don’t realize the danger and may try to put pills in their mouths if they get their
hands on pill bottles. The same goes for cosmetics and shampoos. You don’t want these
anywhere near where a baby can reach them.

Babyproofing the Nursery

Your baby’s nursery should be a calm and safe place for them to relax. This is why you want to
make tiny adjustments to make sure everything in there is safe.


Have the crib down to a setting where your baby can’t stand up and climb out of it. Babies are
pretty resourceful and stronger than you may think. If they have the space, they may try to climb
out and fall from their crib.


If your baby crawls around his nursery, you’ll want to make sure dressers and other pieces of
furniture are not going to fall if they play around them. You can do this by mounting the dresser
securely to the wall. This will help to eliminate the potential of it falling over.

Toy Box

While a toy box with a lid may be tempting, your baby may get his fingers stuck in the hinges or
may even try to climb in. An open box is a better choice because you eliminate the hinge
hazard. Your baby may still try to climb in but at least they won’t get trapped in the box!

BabyProof All Staircases

You probably already know where we’re going with this one. Stairs present a major safety
hazard for babies. This is why they make baby gates. You’ll want to put one at the top and
bottom of your staircase landing to prevent your baby from trying to climb or down the stairs.
Babies don’t know how to climb stairs and can fall and tumble easily leading to serious injuries.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to babyproofing your house, remember it’s always better to do too much than
not to do enough. If you’re questioning whether something is a hazard, then it probably is and
you should take action to make it safer. Never underestimate your baby; he will get into spaces
and situations that would make Houdini shake his head! But, if you’re doing your part to
babyproof the house, your little one should be safe as he explores the world around him.