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We have looked at many different baby formula brands across Europe and have brought you the best that have the highest quality ingredients so your baby gets the best.

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As parents ourselves, we know what you are looking for. That's why we carry organic formula for babies with gassiness, constipation, sensitivity and more.

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"My daughter, Tes, has always been gassy. We tried so many local formulas but nothing was really helping. Thanks to Linda, she helped us choose the right formula for our baby. After about 1 week on HiPP, Tes no longer has gas issues. Thank you!!"

- Rosa Loughman, California

"After hearing about European baby formulas and with so many different brands available, it was getting quite difficult for us to find the right formula. The team at helped us choose the best formula for our baby. And trust me, we asked a lot of questions as we were clueless."

- Beverly M. Solomon, Washington


While all infant formulas must meet certain standards, organic baby formula can be considered “better”. Organic formulas must be free of GMOs, added hormones, and pesticides. Many organic formula manufacturers also take additional steps to improve the quality of their products, by avoiding certain undesirable ingredients or ensuring that every ingredient comes from the best possible source. 

Breast milk remains the best source of nutrition for all infants. But breastfeeding is not always possible. While there are no formulas that can completely replicate its benefits, many high quality brands like Holle and HiPP do try to emulate the nutritional composition of breast milk. 

Infant formulas are closely regulated in both the United States and Europe, therefore they can all be considered “safe”. But there are concerns with any commercial product and some may add ingredients that families wish to avoid. Choosing an organic formula from a reputable brand is the best way to ensure your infant gets the highest quality product available. 

The best baby formula is the one that is right for your child. A formula should be selected based on brand reputation, developmental stage, family preferences, pediatrician recommendations, allergies, and food intolerances. Sometimes you may have to try a few different formulas before you find the one that is best for your infant. 

The FDA does not approve European formulas as they are not made in the United States. Due to formula shortages, the FDA is working with European formula manufacturers to increase the availability of these products in the United States.

European formula brands are more innovative with ingredients and focused on environmental issues when compared to the majority of US formula brands. Overall, the careful selection of quality ingredients and variety of protein options beyond cow and soy does make European formulas a better choice. 

At this time European baby formula can be purchased via our website. We carry the 5 most popular brands: Holle, HiPP, Jovie, BebeM, and Prémibio.